This Stackable Honeycomb Hotel Will Forever Change How You Camp With Friends!

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bee tent10

They are called the ‘B-and Bee‘ and they are awesome!

This modular honeycomb of wooden cells created by a team of Belgian designers was first created to give festival goers a better option of sleeping quarters while in attendance of their favorite musical acts. It has since, turned into something much, much more!

bee tent1

Each pod can accommodate a king size bed! The king size bed, can also fold up into a lounge chair for added ‘chill’ factor!

bee tent4

There are typically six different sleeping quarters with two storage compartments below. However, you can stack more pods if needed. In fact, these can be stacked four high in a diagonal line to accommodate up to 50 people on 100 square metres of ground.

bee tent5

bee tent2

This certainly isn’t something you would want for a quick weekend trip to your favorite campground, but if you were planning on staying a week or so, there is no doubt this would be pretty cool!

bee tent3

Lockers, lights and a power supply are also included in the larch wood-clad cells.

inside bee

The pods can be attached to a trailer for easy travel, this would truly make an easy, fun and different way of camping out with friends!

These are still in the prototype phase, but hopefully we will be seeing more of these unique structures in the near future!

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