This Super Duper Tent Mansion Is Bigger Than Most City Apartments!

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tent mansion

It’s called the ‘Ultimate Alaknak’ and it is made by Cabela’s. This is tent is so awesomely massive that it can hold your dog, your hunting entourage, your friends, your family, their dog, your gear, their gear and you will still have room for a small dance party!

This tent is perfect, if you are setting up for a few days or more that is.

The tent is 13′ x 27′ and is more spacious than many apartments. The tent is even equipped with a stove jack and multi-paneled windows.

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It has 10 sturdy poles and Cabela’s proprietary tent material, X-treme Tent Cloth, It is rugged, highly water resistant and has quality tear/puncture strength.

tent inside3

The tent has two doors, including a screen door, with an awning over the entrance. It sleeps 11.

tent inside4The tent is 127 pounds and costs $1, 500 at Cabela’s.

tent inside2

Here is a video of one being used as a hunting camp!

This would make a great getaway tent for the weekend, or a portable hunting and fishing lodge for you and your friend! Either way, it is freaking awesome!




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