This Super Popular Avocado Hack Will Keep Them From Turning Brown

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Avocado’s are loved by many people, but what is not loved, is how quickly they turn brown after you cut them open.

While there are many ways to keep avocados from spoiling quickly, a new TikTok video has surfaced that shows the hack of all hacks to keep your avocado’s from turning brown.

And it’s super simple!

Shared by Tik Tok user @kmag1, the hack isn’t new, but it doesn’t require any fancy storage devices or tangy citrus fruits. All you need is half of an avocado and a Tupperware or bowl filled with just enough water to submerge the exposed side of the fruit.

Then, simply place the avocado half in the bowl, cut-side-down, and the next time you’re ready to use it, the avocado should look like it was just cut.

While it does work well, some say it can cause the avocado to get a tad soggy.

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