This Teen Couple Was Hit By Lightning, Their Lives Were Saved By (wait for it)…

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lightening strike


They say the chances of getting hit by lightening in your lifetime are 1 in 12,000, and these young lovers in love defied odds ten times greater than that!

While out on a summer night stroll, high school couple Dylan Corliss and Lexie Varga were walking about through their neighborhood, holding hands and enjoying one another’s company. As they pair strolled along, lightening struck and it just may have been their public display of affection that saved them. That’s right, holding hands just may have saved their lives!

Corliss explained the feeling:

Suddenly out of nowhere, we just felt like we were getting hit over the head and shoved to the ground with a big flash and explosion sound. We were on the ground, looking at each other screaming.

Aside from the massive shock, the young couple escaped without injury, just light bruising and a little chest pain. But how? Doctors are speculating that their hand-holding allowed the current to disperse throughout their two bodies, meaning the impact wasn’t as strong.

lightening lover1

After the moment passed, they didn’t rush to the hospital or call for help. They kept walking, and they ate burgers. Then, they texted their parents. “Hey, Lexie and I got hit by lightning,” Corliss told his mother. “Please tell me that’s an expression,” she replied.

The pair of love birds are very lucky for sure and boy oh boy do they have a story to tell for years to come!

lightening lovers

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