This Vending Machine Was Selling T-Shirts For Just 2 Euros But No One Wanted To Buy Them

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We bring you a very powerful social experiment by theĀ Fashion Revolution.

A vending machine was set up in the middle of a large common and offered cheap T-Shirts, only $2 Euros. The vending machine had a large LCD touch screen panel and asked you which size you would like. Once the size was chosen a video started to play. The #video showed who and where these cheap T-Shirts came from.

Our cheap clothing comes from many of these places, places that use slave labor. Making #women and #children work for up to 16 hours a day for as little as $0.13 per hour. This is where the majority of our clothing comes from.

At the end of the vending machines video an option is given, to buy or to donate. Not one person bought a shirt. Their message is simple, powerful and effective. People care when they know.

Source : Youtube