This Woman Built What Is Quite Possibly The Coolest Closet Ever

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Youtuber and DIY extraordinaire Sandra Powell built what is quite possibly the coolest closet space ever in her Tennessee home. With just simple supplies and a little bit of space she pulled off creating a gorgeous, spacious closet area. I absolutely love the amount of drawers she has.

Sandra built this closet like a puzzle which I would imagine makes it much easier to construct. Granted Sandra’s space is rather large, her concept and design can be scaled down and duplicated to fit any space that you may have. This design is such a wonderful use of space and will allow you to store a ton of stuff!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Sandra’s closet, with her answers :

Did You really build that all by yourself?
-Yes. My husband helped me install the crown moulding and the final drawer fronts — but the rest was designed and built by moi’.

How long did it actually take to build?
-4 months total (I was working on several other projects too.)

Why is one side built out of MDF and the other out of plywood?
-Because MDF is so friggin’ heavy it was killing my back so I switched to plywood.

This is such an inspiring video! Time to get creative! 


Source : Youtube

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