VIDEO | This Youtuber Shipped Himself In A Box Via UPS Across The Country

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Throughout the years, people have actually attempted to ship themselves in a box. However, not many, if any have truly succeeded. I’m sure it is a little uncomfortable, but talk about cheap travel!

YouTuber RiceGum grabbed a couple of boxes, taped them up, and called them home for a few days while he traveled across the country via UPS.

He loaded up on snacks like Clif bars and lemonade, and tossed them into the box, along with a jar to pee in, some games, and a Go Pro to document his journey.

Within moments of being in the box, RiceGum already complains about it being bumpy. Once in UPS’ care, RiceGum takes a nap in his box, then gets going on his journey.

As his trip continues, things go steadily downhill. With boredom, discomfort, and heat, RiceGum finds himself both annoyed and angry.

In conclusion, shipping yourself in a box is a horrible idea, and if you need more convincing, watch this video.


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