Candy Cows | Thousands Of Red Skittles Spilled On Highway Were Intended To Fed To Cows

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Thousands of red Skittles littered A Wisconsin highway recently. The popular candy was on its way to the farm, literally. 

The red Skittles were in a massive box on the back of a flatbed truck when it started to rain. The box became soft and boom…thousands of Skittles rolled out onto the highway. 

As if a large box of just red Skittles spilling on the highway isn’t strange enough, the story gets even stranger. The Skittles were on their way to a farm…to be fed to cows. That’s right, cows. Apparently, feeding candy to cows is a common thing and has been going on for years.

The red Skittles were rejects from the factory and didn’t make the cut to enter the rainbow.

 A former farmer told news channel WBAY that candy makers and bakeries often sell rejects to be used as cattle feed because they provide “cheap carbs.”

So much for grass fed…how about candy fed! 

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