Tiered Link Building

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Friends, today we want to tell you about a working marketing tool for building a target audience. We will talk about tiered links, using which can strengthen the effect of existing quality links. This link-building method will help you save money and keep your original link profile. Also, you will find the answer to the question of why you should use tiered link building?

Tiered Link Building: What Should You Know?

What is tiered link building? Let’s start from the beginning. The first and most accurate definition of this type of link building is the ability to get new audiences from different trusted or moderated sites. Roughly speaking, it is a good opportunity to promote a site or product, improving your actions. Interestingly enough, marketing strategies like multilevel links in link building are far from an innovative innovation. It’s been used for a long time, and it’s been shown to work. Check this page for more information.

When Is This Method Useful?

The method of tiered link building – this is the second level of links, that is used when there is already an initial system of links.  To answer the question of why such link building is useful, you need to understand what region you would want to use it in, and what is the state of the site (or rather its link mass).  In what cases must we recommend using tiered links?

  • The first option, when this method will be useful, is when your site already has a certain number of expensive and high-quality links of the first level. To strengthen them, use the links of the 2nd level, which are noticeably cheaper (the price of quality links ranges from $300 to $500). If we take the average price of links of the second level, we get the amount of $100. From an economic point of view, using tiered links will help save your budget.
    Why is it important to understand the region? It is very simple, for example, in Europe and North America, links of the first level are more expensive than, for example, in Russia. Therefore, the use of second-level links in America and Europe is more rational, while in Eastern Europe, the price is not that great, which allows marketers to use more first-level links.
  • The second case when you need the tiered linking method is when your site is already crowded with first-level links. That’s when you start putting links on links. The problem is that less link weight stacks up in that case, but it will help you not to get hit with link sanctions.