‘Tiger King’ Star John Finlay Got New Teeth And Has A Bone To Pick With Netflix Too

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John Finlay – Tiger King

John Finlay, one of the stars of the viral Netflix hit ‘Tiger King’ and Joe Exotic’s ex-husband – got himself a new set of teeth that almost make him look like a different person.

John actually got his new teeth (dentures) back in July 2019, but he is a little upset that Netflix never showed any clips of his new grill in the Tiger King documentary.

There is most certainly plenty of shots in the documentary of Finlay’s smile, but for some reason, the documentary crew didn’t want to show off the pearly whites.

Sources close to Finlay told TMZ that John wants to make it clear that the loss of his teeth wasn’t from meth use. Although Finlay admits that meth was his drug of choice for quite some time, his teeth were already messed up prior to any drug use. Claiming he has a genetic condition that causes tooth decay.

John Finlay – Tiger King

John is currently working as a welder and living in central Oklahoma with his fiancee Stormey. Stormey is the one with John at the end of the series when he’s getting his Joe Exotic tattoo reworked.

In regards to Finlay being shirtless 90% of the time in the Netflix series — it would seem that it was suggested by the producers and Finlay simply went with it.

For more on Finlay, ya gotta watch ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix, and also check out the podcast “Joe Exotic: Tiger King” by Robert Moor on Joe Exotic’s story … including more with John.

Joe Exotic – Tiger King