Have A Tight Space? You Won’t Believe What Is In This Apartment

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Living In New York City, I’ve come to appreciate space-saving furniture because it helps me simplify and live more efficiently. I have learned that I can pack a lot more into my tiny apartment with the help of these innovative pieces. Even if you have a bigger home, some rooms can be on the smaller side, so every inch of space counts, as most furniture items today are bulky and can take up a lot of floor space.

In the following video, Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture, demonstrates and explains their amazing line of Italian-designed space savers. Their line includes everything from expanding tables, “Murphy” wall beds, small sofas, and other multi-functional items. Each piece of furniture is modern and relatively inexpensive.

It’s truly jaw-dropping to see how a space can easily be transformed in seconds. This video can give you plenty of clever ideas that really don’t require additional floor space and make a small home seem so much bigger than it really is. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a tiny home with these items.

Watch the video below to see how you can furnish your tiny rooms with furniture that is nice, comfortable, and practical.