If You Are A Customer Of Time Warner, There Is A Good Chance You Are Getting Ripped Off

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time warner spectrum rip off

If you have Time Warner as your cable and internet service provider, there is a good chance you are getting ripped off…and Time Warner knows it. 

Time Warner recently sold to Spectrum and the sale/takeover was heavily advertised, making sure all Time Warner customers understood what was taking place. What wasn’t advertised, was the fact that your current plan and current rate for that plan were not being switched over to the new ‘Spectrum’ plans. Those ‘Spectrum’ plans, are much, much cheaper! Plus, you get the same, if not better service. 

I found out this little tidbit of information yesterday while speaking to Time Warner’s (Spectrum’s) customer retention department.

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Here is what happened :

I called Time Warner to in order to find out why my bill has been well over $200 a month for some time now. Being a loyal customer for over 15-years, I felt it was a valid inquiry. I was surprised to find out that there were other plans available to me that offered the same channel options for cable, yet would bump my internet connection from a dreary 5mbps connection to a faster 60mbps connection…the kicker…it would save me nearly $60 a month!

The gentleman at Spectrum to whom I spoke with, stated that I needed to switch over to a Spectrum price plan. I told the customer service agent that I was under the impression I was on a Spectrum plan due to the merger between Time Warner and Spectrum. He advised me that a customer who had Time Warner service, did not have their price plan changed over to Spectrum’s better, cheaper plans automatically…one would have to call to do so.

Well, if you don’t know to call…because the company never mentioned such a thing or advertised better rate plans…you are essentially getting ripped off. 

My biggest issue with this sneaky business plan, is the fact that the customer service representative seemed to know this was wrong and tad shady!

Another slap in the face, was the fact I had been paying $10 per-month to lease a Time Warner modem. Spectrum, doesn’t charge that fee.

So when Time Warner advertised to the world that they are now Spectrum, you are not truly benefiting from Spectrum’s better price plans at all, unless you call to switch over.

In less than two minutes, the customer service representative changed my Time Warner plan over to a Spectrum plan. I received the exact same cable channel line up, I received faster internet and no longer have to pay $10 per month for a modem lease. All of that, was $60 cheaper than what I have been paying for months.

My advice to you…

If you are a Time Warner customer…make the call today and ask to be switched over to a Spectrum price plan. I guarantee you will save money…and who doesn’t want to save money? I saved $720 a year in less than five minutes.

The representative even told me that my old Time Warner plan was set to bump up in price in a few months. Again, I would have never known that there were other options out there…my plan would have simply just kept getting more and more expensive.

You can contact Time Warner/Spectrum here. 1-877-791-8499 (Some are commenting stating this number doesn’t work, however it does work when I call, so it’s worth a try.)

You can also reach them here | 1-800-833-2253

Since we wrote this article, we have had people save anywhere from $20 per month to over $80 per month, for the same services (if not better) than what they have currently been paying for. 

If you speak with a customer service representative and they say that they are unable to change your rate or switch you to a Spectrum plan, simply ask to speak to the retention department.