The Times Ghost Hunts Got All Too Real Even For The Ghost Hunters

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TAPS is a team made up of professional ghost hunters and are the subject of the very popular TV show, Ghost Hunters.  For nearly 10 years they have taken us on a crazy ride and showed us some very strange anomalies, but these featured below are even too crazy and freaky for the ghost hunters themselves!

When an eerie voice said, “Hello?” in the tunnels under The Stanley Hotel, the TAPS crew is horrified when it then starts cackling like a witch.


The oddly-sized apparition that ran across a corridor of the Waverly Hills, Kentucky-based sanatorium that may or may not be the ghost of a boy named “Tim.”

The Ghost Hunters even featured the haunted Buffalo City Terminal 3 several times, including an interesting conversation with a wayward ghost who communicated only with a flashlight.

When investigating the Eastern State Penitentiary, TAPS investigator Brian lost his cool when he and a camera guy came across a hostile phantom.

When Grant and Jason hear a ghostly conversation above them in the St. Augustine Lighthouse, it leads to a full-on chase seen with the apparition.

Cheers to another 10 years of haunts TAPS!