Woman Goes On Insanely Psychotic Text Message Rant After Tinder Date Cancels

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When it comes to meeting people online, you just never know what you will find!

In the case below, one man using Tinder swiped right on a woman who he clearly thought had a nice personality, she too must have enjoyed his bio and swiped also…boom! Match!

The guy sends out a message to his new ‘match’ asking if she would like to hang out. When he doesn’t hear a reply back, he makes other plans and life moves on. So he thought.

Below you will see the woman’s incredibly psychotic response to the mans simple, honest message. Yikes! Delete. Delete. Delete.

The potential love match. 

tinder date crazy text message rant

A simple, honest reply. 

Unleash the crazy! 

tinder date crazy text message rant

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Continue unleashing the crazy…

tinder date crazy text message rant

A little more crazy…and then the delete button will be hit. 

tinder date crazy text message rant

At least this guy dodged a bullet before ever leaving his house!