Affordable, Tiny Homes Planned For People With Mental Illnesses

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Many people with mental illnesses live on a federal income of about $750 per month, called the Supplemental Security Income, which creates a challenge for them to find safe and affordable housing.

Thava Mahadevan works with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health. He’s leading the effort to build the tiny home development and says each tiny house would cost $250 in rent per month.

“It is such a critical issue and unfortunately there aren’t any obvious solutions that are out there,” Mahadevan says. “I think this could be a game changer.”

Mahadevan envisions a group of 10 tiny homes. In a little more than 300 square feet, each house would include a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The houses will be located on privately owned farmland in North Carolina.

Residents would have access to on-site mental health services from doctors and nurses. The farm would also provide opportunities to improve physical health.

Such an amazing, smart and efficient program. Hopefully this catches on and spreads across the country. A program like this could truly change many lives.

via – WUNC


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