Tips And Tricks On How To Fix Common Garage Door Issues

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Garage doors are a tricky thing. Since they are run by motors which controls their movement from up to down, sometimes they get in a mood and decide to just stop working and keep you and your car outside of your home. In case this happens, don’t panic because this problem is easier to fix than you may think. 

Here are the most common garage door problems and how can you can easily fix them yourself. 

Faulty Opener


With the amount of times in a day you press the button of your garage door to open and close, there is actually a slight chance that the opener can malfunction. Imagine if this happened during a terrible storm leaving you to be stuck outside for hours. Fear not, because most of the time, the only issue here is a loose wire to cut off from electricity, or loss of electricity. Patience is key. 

Noisy Garage Door 


Having a noisy garage door is a pain when trying to sleep at night. Thankfully it is a very simple problem and fixing it won’t lose you a large amount of time. In most cases, the cause of noisy garage doors are the worn-out or faulty hinges. All you have to do is apply lubricants to eliminate the creaks every time the door opens and closes. If they are too worn out, after many years of usage, it should be about time to replace those noisy hinges. 

Frozen Garage Door 


During the winter, you would want your garage door to open as fast as possible, but unfortunately it chooses to sit still due to the cold and moisture it has accumulated throughout the day. Garage doors normally freeze to the floor, so instead of punching into the button to open numerous times, all you have to do is clear the ice under the door constantly to prevent this from happening again. 

Broken Glass 


We all know that in front of the garage door is usually the basketball or soccer area. If your garage is made of glass, then there is a high chance a ball may hit it and crack the windows open. Replacing the window is not as hard as it seems. In fact, it should be a breeze. 

Here is a link on how to replace a window yourself :

With all these problems that happen usually, you should be able to fix them yourself, but if the problem is a bit more complex, the best solution is to always call a repairman. 


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