Tips For Effective Promotional Product Marketing

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If there is any marketing technique that stood the test of time and is still being favoured as one of the most effective ones, it has to be the promotional product marketing. A business, whether it is a start-up, SME, or a conglomerate uses the promotional product to establish and further strengthen their brand’s presence.

Don’t believe us?

What if we tell you that 70% of the brands agree with the effectiveness of promotional products in attaining the marketing goal?

Yes, and according to Sage world, the constructiveness of a campaign increases to 44% when promotional products are added to the media advertising.


Staggering, isn’t it?

Promotion is an integral part of marketing, and in this increasingly competitive marketing landscape, it would be ignorant to think that a business can survive without adequate promotion. This is why businesses rely upon and sincerely invest in promotional products- a cost-effective promotional tool that hits the bull’s eye. If you are still not investing in a promotional product for your business, you are losing out on a wide customer base to your competitor.

Allow us to help you walk through the importance of adding promotional product in your marketing campaigns:


Unlike other marketing strategies that, at times, exceed the allocated budget, promotional products can be made at a reasonable price. Not every business can afford to splurge on massive billboards or outsource a marketing agency. These products can then be used as an affordable alternative to TV, radio, and newspaper ads. They will have a more profound impact on the people compared to other tactics.


You need to create such an impact that your audience recognizes you with your logo. Take, for example, Nike, whose swoosh does not require an introduction. Promotional products help build this type of brand recognition. Since these products have practical uses, it creates a long-lasting impression on the consumers. Furthermore, these promotional products will be stored, which will lead to long-time exposure to your brand.



No longer people are handed over the business cards. You need to be creative with your marketing technique, and the promotional product is the way to do that. Your company’s name and logo on caps, bottles, pens will be your business card. Promotional products are well received and also broadens your customer reach.


Using promotional products in your marketing campaign will boost the impact of your efforts. Take, for instance, offering promotional products as gifts in your social media campaigns will increase the traffic, brand awareness, enhancing the possibility of conversions.


Promotional products are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of telling your target audience about the quality of products and service your brand offers. This is your opportunity to attract customers and increase the probability of conversions. Per statistical data provided by fully promoted franchise, promotional products convince 85% of the customers to associate with the advertising business.

While launching a promotional product as a marketing tool might not look like a big feat, businesses often end up making mistakes which does more harm than good in the long run. We have listed down three promotional product marketing mistakes that you should avoid:


If your target audience is college-goers, why would you promote your brand on infant toys? You want your products to add value to the lives of your customers. Make sure you select an appropriate promotional item that easily sends across your message to the audience.


Promotional products are anyway an inexpensive marketing tool, why would you go for low-quality cheap products? You want your customers to remember you and your brand, in a way that they are willing to engage with you. A promotional product that is too cheap to keep will only damage your reputation.



Ultimately it is the promotional product company that you choose will decide how your products will be designed, printed, and received by the audience. You should go for one that gives you sufficient customization options, ensures high-quality printing, and is highly reviewed for their service.

Now that you know how useful promotional products are to your business, let’s discuss the various products with which you can promote your business:


Clothes make for the best promotional tool as they are like a miniature billboard of your brand. Printed vest for men, dress shirts for women, toques, and beanies are just some of the examples with which you can advertise your brand. Keep them stylish, so that your customers can wear them wherever and whenever they want.


No matter how digital we become, we will always need your basic stationeries like pen, notepad, document holders to sort our lives. Stationeries make for an excellent promotional product, reminding people of your brand every time they use it.


Travel bags, cosmetic cases, laptop bags are a part of our everyday routine- home or office. Imagine the amount of exposure your brand will get with hundreds and thousands of people carrying bags with your logo on it.

So what are you waiting for?

Design and order your first set of drinkware, office supplies or printed vest for men, online today!