Tips On Choosing The Perfect Watch For Travellers

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Travelling can be a way of leisure or might be part of your job. Either way, surely, if you have been traveling, then you should know how there are things that you need to consider when planning to travel, especially if it is across the globe.

If you are a beginner in traveling, then you might find it overwhelming since you need to consider your travel essentials as you prepare for your upcoming trip. From packing up your travel bag, kits, gadgets, up to your clothes, it really is a tedious process before your travel.

Now, there is this one thing that should always be with you when you go traveling, especially if it is across the globe—your watch. Although there are smartphones that took over the role of the watch for most people, changing time zones and attempting to get away from the hustles of working life, there’s still no replacement for a good for a  modern traveler.

So, what should you look for in a good travel watch?

Go For a Watch with Multiple Time Zones

First off, this should be the first feature that you need to look for a travel watch: multiple time zones. Either you will just stay in your country or go for a trip across the globe, having a multiple time zone watch can be extremely helpful. 

With this said, you should go look for a travel watch that can update the time automatically, especially when you are moving between time zones. The advantage of having the said feature can save you from the hassle of manually setting the time zone in each location.

Since watches are being innovated, there are now travel watches that can use radio-wave signals and has GPS Global Positioning System, which updates your watch’s time automatically.

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Look for Highly Durable Watches

Having a durable watch is one of the top priorities when you are planning to buy one. It is one of the primary considerations that you should make when you are preparing for travel. Well, you wouldn’t want to have a broken watch along the way of your trip, right? 

Moreover, you don’t want to waste your money over a broken watch, especially if you only bought one. The watch should be able to withstand harsh conditions that involve water adventures or land based ones. 

Now, if you are not sure how to choose a durable watch, have someone with you with knowledge or knows a lot about watches.

Look for an Alarm Function

Having an alarm function, especially when you are traveling abroad, helps a lot for travelers. Although this kind of feature might be difficult to find in today’s luxury analog watches, digital types of watches can provide a wider selection for this feature. 

With an alarm function, you can be sure that you will not be missing out on any schedule, especially if you are on a business trip or with a tour. Additionally, it helps you to get ahead of checkouts, transports, and essential flights.

This can be really important if you are touring in different regions, wherein it can be difficult to lose track of time when you are engaged in fun activities or get caught up in the beauty of the city you are touring in. With this said, having an alarm option makes you feel at ease since you will not be worrying about missing on any schedules. 


A Little Tip for Care and Maintenance

If you are traveling, surely your trip will give you exciting destinations, along with sweat, grime, sunscreens, and probably saltwater. These substances are common contaminants that might hurt your watch. Thus, what you need to do is to know some tender-loving care tips for your watch.

Now, most of the sports watches can be easily cleaned with only hand or dish soap. You can also add in a soft-bristled toothbrush that will surely work great in caring and cleaning your watch. Additionally, if you are wearing your watch like a tag heuer aquaracer to a trip that is at the beach or ocean, then make sure that you clean it up with a little bit of tap water.


A watch will come in handy the most when traveling. It can save you from tardiness due to new time zone adjustments. Also, a stress-free and rewarding travel rely on being on time at the right place, be it catching a flight, checking in to a hotel, claiming that restaurant reservation, attending a tour, or meeting up with a guide.

As a traveler, you should go for a watch that would not only suit you, but also help you out during your trips, may it be within the region, country and countries across the globe.