Tips On Having The Perfect Bath

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Is there anything quite as relaxing after a difficult day than a long soak in the bath? One interesting thing about baths is that there are perhaps more interesting and unique ways to run a bath than there are people to enjoy and benefit from them. Everyone seems to have their own ideas on what makes the perfect bath.

Whether you’re new to the pleasure of baths, or if you’re a bit of a veteran, everyone can stand to gain a few extra tips on preparing the perfect bath. Hopefully these ones will help you improve your own experience.

Tip 1: Use Bath Salts

Some people don’t bother with bath salts, perhaps thinking that they’re not so useful, or perhaps just because they don’t know how to use them. Scented bath salts, loved for their relaxing effect, not only a layer of depth to your soak, but also a great deal of potential mineral benefit. Many salts used as bath salts are rich in mineral content that benefits the skin, and also make the water a stronger ally in your mission to exfoliate and refresh yourself.

You should take the time to explore different kinds of bath salts to see what exact benefits they’ll bring to your tub. For instance, Epsom salts are beneficial for soothing sore muscles, as are magnesium salt flakes. Others might bring different benefits. It’s best to choose one product to use per bath rather than dumping all the salts you have in there and hoping to gain all the potential benefits.

Tip 2: Create a Calming Atmosphere

The bath itself needs water at a good temperature and mixed with the right additions like bath salts, but you also need to look at the entire room. Use candles to not only make an interesting light dynamic, but also to add a rich and relaxing aroma such as rosemary, lavender or jasmine. Light and calm music is also useful, but you should put on any music that helps you escape in your mind and forget about troubles and stresses.

Finally, you should also be sure that you won’t be disturbed during your bathtime. Leave your phone in another room, and ensure that your roommates or cohabiting family members won’t want to use that bathroom for the entire duration. There’s nothing to kill a nice bathtime atmosphere than a spouse bursting in to use the toilet.

Tip 3: Add in a Face Mask

While you’re soaking your tired and stressed body, why not also throw in a cooling and soothing face mask like cucumber gel or charcoal. The former is soothing and the latter is good for drawing out impurities in the skin. Using a mask while you’re in the bath removes the need for you to be sitting up and washing your face in the water. You can lay back and let the mask do the work.

Tip 4: Keep the Water Warm

The water will gradually lose its heat and thus its real soothing and healing effect. No one feels any better for having laid around in a giant cool puddle of water. Therefore, periodically release some of the water down the drain and then top up the tub with fresh hot water, especially if you’re planning a long soak.

Tip 5: Give Yourself Some Entertainment

Finally, if you don’t want to lie with your head back just soaking in silence, then why not include something to do while you’re in the tub? You could carefully place a tablet device near the bath (but nowhere it could fall in accidentally) and play a movie or a few episodes of your favorite TV show while you soak. Equally, you could take a book or your kindle into the tub and lose yourself in some fiction. It’s your time, you use it as you see fit.