Tips To Design A Good And A Presentable Engagement Card

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After dating and coming to an agreement that you want to get married to each other, you’ll want to share the news with the world. You can create an engagement card to inform your friends and family members about your plans on getting married. A good announcement card should be well designed and customized to catch people’s attention. You can decide to create your own engagement card, but I have a suggestion for you if you are not capable. Mixbook Company is the best you can consult for well-designed engagement announcements.

What to Include in an Engagement Card

There are hundreds of ideas you can maneuver with when creating an engagement card. However, some of these ideas are time-wasting, while others are quite impressive. You can get ideas from your best friend or the internet. Or you can utilize the Mixbook Company resources to design the perfect card for you at a fair price. Some of the ideas include:

  • Choose a number of pictures. You can choose several pictures of you and your lover to be included in the card. According to research, people like seeing pictures more than reading. So, when you put some appealing pictures on your card,  people are capable of understanding your theme and point.
  • Choose font and style. How you will present your writings matters a lot. Both names and any other information you choose to share should be written in a nice font, style, and color.
  • Picture trim option. There are ways in which you can trim your card to look different from other cards. There are several trim options you can choose from on the Mixbook website. Some of them include square, crest, ticket, double round, and others. Cards presented using different trim options become beautiful.
  • Choose the color. Color is also important while designing an engagement card. You should be so careful when selecting a color because many people are sensitive to it. The most preferred color is white with golden stripes.
  • Card paper material. Many people may want to keep your engagement card for its beauty and remembrance. So, your card should be of hard texture paper that cannot be destroyed by moisture and humidity. Hard paper can be kept in the box and stays there for a long time.
  • Card size. The size of your engagement card matters a lot. The bigger the card, the more content is required. However, since the message you want to pass is about your fruitful dating, make your card medium. The best size of an engagement card is 5×7 or 4×8.
  • Card orientation. Your card should be either portrait or landscape. According to specialists, the best card orientation is portrait. Pictures, flowers, and words are well presented through portrait orientation.

Engagement announcement cards are very popular across the world. They bring a moment of joy and celebration to the couple. People also keep the cards for remembrances, hence it is vital to design a beautiful card that people will be excited to receive. Consult Mixbook Company to design your perfect engagement announcement.