Tips To Sharpen A Young Boys Writing Skills.

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Do you have a son who is gifted in writing? Do you want to sharpen your boy’s writing skills so that he grows into a skilled writer? If you do, then you need to learn and implement ways of nurturing his writing skills and potential. Here are tips to help you do that.

Use Fun & Games

All kids are good at learning using games and fun. To help your little boy sharpen their writing skills, you need to play games with him and engage in activities that will encourage him to write. For instance, a crossword puzzle is a great way of doing so. If you also engage him in games that require writing certain words, you will help the boy sharpen their writing skills.

Shower Them With Accolades

Accolades work for all human beings. When training your boy to become a good writer, you have to be generous with your compliments. For instance, after completing a writing assignment or game, you should praise his efforts to give him the morale to do continue.

Use Story Prompts

One great resource for learning how to write properly is, which recommends training your kids on story prompts. When you give them a prompt to write a story on a topic or figure they love, you develop him skills and creativity. This way, you help the lad to learn how to pick two or three sentences and turn them into a 1000word piece of writing. 

Let Them Read Various Genres

Another way of developing your son’s writing skills is encouraging him to read different genres of books and stories. When you do this, you expose the child to different ideas that are necessary for shaping the lad’s creative ideas. Additionally, such an exposure will help them to emulate the writing styles, word vocabulary, and techniques used in those books.

Teach Them To Garner Ideas From Their Environment 

Kids are creative because their minds are still virgin. One of the ways of exploiting your son’s writing potential is encouraging him to glean creative ideas from his environment. For instance, you can take your boy out to hunt for writing ideas in the local market or environment by asking him to take notes of what he sees around him. Later, you can ask them to use those notes to write a story.

Let Them Optimize Their Senses

Lastly, you can train the child by asking him to describe events in a manner that resonates well with the senses without stating the obvious facts. This way, you will be sharpening their descriptive skills. For instance, instead of asking him to write he met a pauper, the lad can say he met a child wearing tattered clothes, starving, and with hopes looks.

Developing your boy’s writing skills is not rocket science reserved for some chosen geeks. By following the tips, we have shared in this post, you can nurture your son’s writing potential to the maximum.