Titanium Flat Iron vs Ceramic, Which One Should You Buy?

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Hi beauty lovers, today we are going to review the two most popular flat iron types – Titanium vs. the Ceramic Flat irons. In this article, we are going to review the features, pros, and cons of both types of flat irons so that we can announce the winner of this round! 

Generally, whether you use ceramic or titanium flat iron, frequent use of hot iron on your hair is damaging in the long run. Even though you still need to use a product that is less damaging to your hair. Let’s take a look at which flat iron type is good for your hair. 

Titanium Vs. Ceramic Plates Flat Irons !

We are going to compare all the features of both plate types one by one to reach out to a conclusion at the end of this article.

  1. Damage For Hair:

For years we have been hearing that ceramic plate flat irons are less damaging for hair, which is not wrong. Even the hair experts recommend people to use ceramic flat irons. The even heat distribution effectively minimizes the hair damage risks and leaves no cold spot.

On the other hand, titanium plates transfer the heat faster which is good for superior results. These plates straights your hair faster than the ceramic plates. But you need to be careful with the temp. As high temperature would be damaging to your hair. 

  1. Heat-up Time:

The ceramic plates flat irons heat up faster than other flat irons. It usually takes 60 to 120 minutes to get the iron heated at its full potential. But when it comes to titanium flat irons they take less than a minute to heat up that is a good thing. 

  1. Price:

When it comes to ceramic flat irons there is a whole range of prices from cheap to highly expensive. On the other hand, there is no ‘Cheap’ word in the dictionary of titanium flat irons. In fact, titanium flat irons are believed to be the most expensive flat irons. Check out the prices for the best titanium flat iron.

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  • Benefits of Ceramic Flat Irons:

Here is a list of all the reasons for you to buy the ceramic flat irons:

  1. Prices are affordable.
  2. Recommended by experts. 
  3. Less damaging for hair health. 
  4. Suitable for all hair types.
  5. End result is near to perfect. 
  6. The result lasts longer than other ordinary flat irons. 
  7. Heat-up time is very impressive. 
  • Benefits of Titanium Flat Irons:

Want to know why should you spend some extra money on titanium flat iron? Here is what you need:

  1. Heat-up time is less than a minute.
  2. The heat transfer rate is fast that minimizes the damage even more. 
  3. Reduces your electricity bills. 
  4. The end result is perfect and could last for 3-5 days without a wash. 
  5. Suitable for all hair types. 
  6. Expert hairstylists use this flat iron types. 
  7. Give your hair a sleek, shiny look.

And The Winner Is…

The review of the features and benefits of these two flat irons types has shown that both are a good competitor. Based on the price and other factors such as hair damage and heat up time we can say that for a normal, household use ceramic flat irons are your best option!