Tokyo Installed See-Through Public Toilets In A Park To Let People Inspect Their Cleanliness Before Using Them

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YouTube/RYU Tokyo

Tokyo has installed see-through bathroom facilities in public parks, allowing people to see how clean they are before deciding to use them. Once inside the bathroom, the glass turns opaque.

The bathrooms are made of colored “smart glass,” which turns opaque when the stalls are locked, said Shigeru Ban, the architect behind the designs.

You can see how it works here:

The installations are part of The Tokyo Toilet project, which is redesigning 17 of the city’s public bathrooms with different designers.

The see-through facilities, along with some other designs, have been available for the public to use since August 5.

Other designs include a stone building that is designed to look good in parks and a bathroom with spaces for “men, women, and everyone.”