Tom Brady Suspended Twice As Long As Ray Rice…Wait…What?

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The NFL suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom #Brady for four regular-season games without pay “for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL,” the league announced Monday afternoon. Remember…these allegations against Brady truly are just allegations as there is no solid proof.

The NFL had also suspended Ray Rice for only 2 games in regards to the allegations brought forth against him, when he was caught on camera punching his fiance’ in the head and dragging her off of an elevator.

So here we have quite the situation. The NFL is able to see clear evidence of Ray Rice beating his fiance’ up, but at the time they were just “allegations” and he was suspended for 2 games.

So here we have “allegations” against Tom Brady and the #Patriots for supposedly letting air out of a football and he is suspended for 4 games.

What type of moral standards are the NFL showing the young generation of football fans? Letting air out of a football is worse than beating the shit out of your fiance’ like an absolute psycho?

Even if there was a video of #Tom Brady letting the air out of those footballs…it would warrant punishment clearly…but the #video of Ray Rice beating up his fiance’ was there and his punishment was lack luster due to the extreme circumstances.

Go Pats!



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