Top 10 Awesome Apps on AppValley AppStore

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With thousands of unofficial, tweaked, and modified apps and games, AppValley is proving a popular alternative to the iOS app store. With no jailbreak needed and everything for free, including unofficial apps, AppValley is one of the best unofficial app stores in the world.

There are lots of modified stock apps, unlocked games, some Cydia tweaks,  and lots more. To help you decide what to start with, we thought we’d tell you about some of the apps you can find in the store.

Top Ten Awesome Apps in AppValley:

After much searching, we came up with ten cool apps that we think you will enjoy. So, download AppValley today, open it, and search for these apps.


iNDS is the perfect emulator for playing Nintendo DS games on your iPhone with ease. Apart from being free, iNDS is packed with cool features, including auto-save, support for Dropbox, plenty of built-in games, and in-app customizations. Installing your own ROMs is also easy with the built-in browser, and it works on iOS 7 right up to iOS 13.


Another emulator, HappyChick, offers support for over 18 consoles. You get one-click play on games from Nintendo, PPSSPP, PlayStation, PS1, and loads more in one of the best multiple support emulators ever released. This is ideal for those whose games are all on different platforms, and it offers a huge choice of games built-in. Cloud-server hosting ensures safe downloads, multiplayer online gaming is supported, along with the game recording, and much more.


Unc0ver is a semi-untethered jailbreak app, released to replace Electra jailbreak and is very stable and reliable. Downloading it via AppValley is the safest way to install the app, much safer than previous methods of jailbreaking. The app offers a built-in method of blocking app revokes, the option to disable auto-updates, fast patches, no random freezes or battery drain, and it is free of malware, spyware , and anything else that could hurt your device or data. It works on iOS 11 or higher.


From Riley Testut, GBA4iOS was one of the first emulator apps, launched to provide support for playing GBA games on your iPhone. It is packed with features,  including full optimization for the iPad and iPhone, wireless linking support, a built-in browser, support for Dropbox and cheat codes, support for GB/GBA/GBC gaming, and many more features It is supported on iOS 9 or lower.

Delta Emulator

Also, from Riley Testut, Delta emulator picks up support where GBA4iOS left off. It is similar to the previous emulator app, offering Nintendo and Gameboy games. The features are also pretty much the same, including a built-in browser, plenty of games already included, easy addition of external ROMs, and more. It works on iOS 10 or higher.


NDS4iOS is another Nintendo emulator app, offering easy access to tons of built-in games. But, like all these apps, they can’t include everything, so if your favorite game isn’t there, simply download the ROM from a reputable source on the internet and add it to NDS4iOS. The app offers plenty of features, including being completely free, and is a user-friendly app.


iNDS provides support for Nintendo DS gaming on the iPhone or iPad and offers a decent choice of games built-in. A browser helps you find external game ROMS easily, Auto-Save protects your game data,  and Dropbox support helps you recover your games should they crash. With lots of in-app customizations too, iNDS works on iOS 7 to iOS 13.


At long last, you can download torrent files directly to your iPhone using popular BitTorrent client, iTransmission. Adding new torrents to the app is simple, all your downloads are saved in one easy-access place, and you can control your downloads with a simple tap on the screen. Wi-Fi or data can be used for downloads, and you can see all the information you want about your torrent files.


Filza is one of the best apps you could possibly download; a fully-featured file manager, this app lets you access your iOS file system in ways Apple will never let you. Not only can you view every type of file on your device, but you can also copy/paste/move/delete/rename them, easily install .deb packages, move files on off your device in multiple ways, including Bluetooth, email, and Dropbox. There are many more features and integration with AttachmentSaver, Safari Download Manager, and Bluetooth File Sharing makes it a versatile app.


Last, another semi-untethered jailbreak with plenty of features, It only works on 32-bit devices, though, so only early iOS devices, but it does offer an easy and safe way to jailbreak your device if you want to. If you have a later device, try Unc0ver jailbreak

Ten very cool apps, all free to use. Try them and see what you think of what AppValley has to offer.