Top 30 Most Dangerous Dogs

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They say a dog is man’s best friend, and we love our dogs. A dog is more than a pet—it’s a companion, a member of the family, loyal, obedient, and lovable. But, sad to say, not all dogs are like this. Some dogs are mean, vicious, and definitely not friendly. Some breeds of dogs can be more dangerous than others depending on size, temperament, and bite power. Bear in mind that the temperament a dog will inherit is less predictable than its expected size and other physical traits. And as for their bite, the smallest breed has a bite force of 250 PSI (pounds per square inch). Just to give a point of reference, the human body can only withstand 50 PSI from sudden impact, and 130 PSI can break a human arm.
A dog can be dangerous, but it really depends on how it was raised and handled. Just like any man can be bad depending on the circumstances. Without early training and enough socialization, a dog can be aggressive toward humans and other animals.
Let’s consider some dog breeds that could be dangerous if not cared for properly: