Top 5 Android Apps on ACMarket AppStore

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ACMarket is the number one alternative to the Android app store, offering tons of unofficial content. Unlike the official store, everything in ACMarket is free, and it offers a pretty diverse range of content – modified stock apps, unlocked games, emulators, screen recorders, media streaming apps, premium apps, and much more.

Until now, Android users have needed to root their devices if they wanted to install third-party content. Rooting comes with no small amount of risk, and many opted not to run that risk. Now, with ACMarket, unofficial content is more accessible than ever before, and the store is dead simple to install and use.

With so much on offer in the store, we thought we’d find you the best five apps ACMarket has to offer.

Top Five ACMarket Apps

It was a tough choice, but here they are, the best apps on offer in the ACMarket app right now.


Psiphon is one of the unique tools on offer in ACMarket and, indeed, in any app store for free. It’s a tool that provides you with uncensored internet access, allowing you to slide past any censorships in your region or country. When you connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, Psiphon acts as a strong VPN, creating a secure private tunnel for you to go anywhere on the web. It’s not a new tool; Psiphon was released in 2008 and, since then, millions of people have used it to access the internet, even in countries where their online freedom is typically restricted.


Fildo is a fully-featured streaming app that lets you stream the highest quality audio. Yes, there are apps that already do this but, what sets Fildo apart from all those is that it doesn’t have an audio collection of its own. Instead, it will bring the audio files from all different sources. It has a built-in search engine, making it simple to find the audio files you want from anywhere in the world. The search results show up with images of the artists, and you can also filter your search results by track or album. You can also download your files to an SD card and listen to your tracks online. It’s a simple app to use – download it, run a search, download your tracks.


AirShou is one of the top screen recorder apps, once only available as a jailbreak app. Now it has full support for Android devices, and anyone can take advantage of features that, for some reason, the stock screen recorder app doesn’t give you… With the AirShou screen recorder, you can record short videos on your device at up to 60fps and add high-quality stereo audio. The controls are simple – tap to start, tap to stop recording – it couldn’t be easier. There are tons more features in this screen recorder, and the best bit is, it won’t hog your device resources.


HappyChick is one of the top-rated game emulator apps, offering support for more than 18 different consoles, including the Gameboy range, PPSSPP, PS1, other Nintendo consoles, and much more. It supports one-click play, regardless of console, and provided you have at least 2GB RAM on your device, and it allows you to play the latest graphics-heavy games. It has support for online multiplayer gaming, LAN support for some online games without Wi-Fi, cloud servers for hosting and protecting your game data, recording and sharing features, and much more.


The final recommendation is something a little different. Rather than letting you download modified versions of apps like many alternative stores do, LuckyPatcher gives you the tools to modify apps you already have on your device. With this simple tool, you can remove the ads from your apps and games, convert standard apps into system apps, so you never lose them, easily move apps onto your memory card, and back up your files and export the backup to the cloud, your PC or an external drive. There are lots more features, allowing you to modify and customize just about any app on your Android device.

As you can see, ACMarket offers a cool choice of apps and games. On top of these five, there are thousands more to choose from, and every single one of them is free. You won’t get that anywhere else for your Android device!

Many of the apps are stock apps that have been modified, giving them features that should be available as standard, and many of the games have been completely unlocked. But, more than that, ACMarket offers a great choice of utility apps designed to make customizing your Android device dead easy.

Try these five apps today – they are all free, so you don’t have anything to lose. And if you like these, then spend some time looking through the store to see what else you can find – once you start with ACMarket, you won’t want to go back to the official app store.