Top 5 Apps to Download from TutuApp Store

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TutuApp is one of the top-rated unofficial app stores in the world, offering users a huge choice of content. Originally a Cydia alternative, TutuApp now enjoys a status of one of the best alternatives to the iOS app store and doesn’t require you to jailbreak to use it. These days, jailbreaking is limited to certain devices, and most utilities are semi-untethered. Luckily, with app stores like TutuApp, offering so much unofficial and tweaked content for free, many users have opted not to jailbreak any longer.

With thousands of modified apps, tweaked and unlocked games, emulator apps, screen recorders, and much more on offer for free, the only trouble you will have is in trying to decide where to start.

To help you out, we decided to tell you about a few of the best apps in the store.

Top Five Cool Apps in TutuApp:

TutuApp is one of the most comprehensive app installer stores of all time and was one of the first to be launched. Over the years, the store has grown, and so much more content is available now than it ever was. Here are just five of the best apps you can take advantage of if you download TutuApp onto your device today:


CoolPixel is a fantastic screen recorder app that offers tons of features over and above what any other app of its type offers, especially those in the official app store. As well as letting you record pretty much anything on your screen, you can also save your videos in full HD. You can record in 1080p at 60fps, and you have the option of importing other HD videos from your device and using the built-in video editing suite. With plenty of in-app editing features, you can create your own masterpieces, including adding rich filters, dubbing, and subtitles.


GC4iOS is a game emulator with a difference – it is the only one to offer support for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube console games. With high-quality audio, support for compressed file formats, a memory bank storage option, and more, GC4iOS uses very little battery power and is completely free to use.


iSSB is a Super Smash Brother Emulator that is, right now, in beta, so don’t be surprised if you have one or two issues with it. Most people don’t, finding it quite reliable and stable. You can only play Super Smash Bros with this emulator, but you do get to choose from five different characters, choose between Group and Training modes and make use of six different items in the game. It offers support for Bluetooth Multiplayer and works on any device on iOS 5 or higher.


Filza is a fully-features file manager app, one of the most downloaded in the world, simply because of what it offers. Apple doesn’t allow you to have full access to your iOS file system, but Filza gives you that access for free. You can see all the different types of files on your device, move them, delete or rename them, send them to other devices, and so much more. With full integration with Attachment Saver, Celeste Bluetooth Sharing, and Safari Download manager, it is one of the most comprehensive apps of its kind.  With tons of other cool features, it’s no wonder Filza is the most downloaded app of its type.


Last but by no means least is another emulator app called HandJoy. It is designed to let you lay your favorite retro games on your iPhone or iPad, and it offers support for several consoles – Nintendo DS, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, PSP, and many more. On-click play lets you play any console game easily without having to switch emulator apps. Some of the best features include being completely free, a user-friendly app, tons of classic games to choose from, an easy way to install your own ROMs, and it doesn’t take up much space or memory on your iPhone or iPad. It has recently been updated and now supports iOS 13.

There you have it, just five of the very best apps in the TutuApp unofficial app store. There are tons more to choose from, and this really is just the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you a good idea of what else you can get from the store.

While TutuApp is free, for those that want more content, faster downloads, no ads, and no limits on downloads, there is the option of a VIP version; for just one small payment, you get a whole lot more. And on both versions, regular updates bring more content, more features, and improvements to the user experience.

Try these apps; they are all free, and you can install TutuApp for free. See what you think and then explore the rest of the app store to see what you can find.