Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends For 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

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Augmented reality is set to explode in the next five years. Seriously explode. 

The statistics do not lie, and the figures relating to the increase in the worldwide market size of augmented reality have to be seen to be believed. 

In 2017, the augmented reality market was worth around $3.5 billion.

Now, that is a fairly substantial amount. Definitely not to be sniffed at. However, by 2025 this market value is predicted to be a lot more. 

By 2025, the augmented reality market is set to be worth over £198 billion. 

An increase of over $195 billion in just 8 years.

Not only is this new tech trend worth an eye-watering amount of money, but the tech itself is pretty impressive too. Keep reading to discover the top five augmented reality trends for 2020 which include the long-awaited Apple AR glasses!


  1. Augmented reality will be integrated with artificial intelligence 

If you are a fan of either of these game-changing technologies, then you will be delighted to hear that the two are joining forces in 2020. 


AI will be able to help create immersive experiences much faster and much more effectively, resulting in an enhanced user experience. 

Not only that, AI will be able to analyze data in order to offer a more personalized immersive experience. For example, it will allow customers to be shown a 3D product instantly that matches their preferences; their favorite colors, logos, styles etc. 

  1. The development of more augmented reality apps 

The Pokémon Go craze may seem a long time ago, but it marked a significant shift in the use of augmented reality apps for the masses. Suddenly, augmented reality was not something for the future, it was happening now, and anyone could use it. 

Fast forward a few years and the number of developing augmented reality apps is showing no signs of slowing down, with the most popular type AR apps being games, retail (such as online makeup planning), tourism and science (acting as an alternative to digital telescopes).

Check out the best augmented reality apps for Android and iOS here. 


  1. Remote augmented reality

A very exciting development in AR, remote augmented reality will allow users to interact with each other from anywhere around the world. 

Think about it. You could have a dinner party with family that live hundreds of thousands of miles away and it would feel as though they were all in your own dining room.

Other benefits of remote augmented reality include:

  • More immersive student/teacher online tutoring 
  • More effective remote employee training 
  • Helping to combat loneliness 
  1. Apple to launch AR glasses

It is rumored that Apple will finally be launching their long-awaited AR glasses in the second quarter of 2020, although some are saying it will not be until 2023, but here’s to hoping it’s sooner. 

These augmented reality glasses are expected to display texts, emails, maps, and games directly to your field of vision and will wirelessly connect to your iPhone.

Could you be any more excited? 

  1. 5G will make AR development more ambitious 

With 5G rolling out worldwide in 2020, delivering nearly 100 times faster speeds than 4G, augmented reality is set to get a lot more stimulating. 


To put it simply, AR needs a lot of power and a lot of data to work. Plus, there is nothing worse for an immersive experience than a connection fail. However, 5G will eliminate this problem and will allow developers to be a lot more ambitious when it comes to creating new AR experiences. 

Watch this space for more AR news!