Top 5 iPhone Apps You Can Install Using The AltStore App

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AltStore is one of the latest unofficial app stores,  allowing you a hassle-free way of installing game emulators and unsigned IPA files.  It is a little different from other similar stores in that you need to use your PC or Mac to install the app store onto your device and to ensure the app certificates are not revoked. This is done using a companion app called AltServer, and it requires you to connect your device to your PC at least once a week to refresh the apps.

The reason for this is that the developer, Riley Testut, included a feature provided to developers by Apple, a feature that lets them test their premium apps on their devices before they are submitted to the store. Because of that feature, every user is, in effect, creating a developer certificate of their own. Ensuring the apps are refreshed once in every 7-day period ensures the certificates cannot be revoked.

AltStore doesn’t have a vast amount of content in it just yet, but what it does have is some of the highest quality apps. Here, we look at just some of what the store has to offer.

Top Five Apps in AltStore

These are just five of the cool apps you can get your hands on when you install AltStore app store:


Provenance is one of the coolest emulator apps; unlike many emulators that focus on one game console type, Provenance supports gaming from multiple consoles, including PPSSPP, GBA, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many more. It supports one-click play and has an incredibly user-friendly interface. There are plenty of games included, but you can easily add your own by downloading from the internet. Multiplayer gaming is supported. You can record and share your gameplay, cloud server storage keeps your game data safe, and it works on iOS 10 or higher.


Eclipse is a more modern emulator, browser-based, supporting NES, GB, GBA and GBC gaming. If your device has a web browser, you can use this emulator with ease. Features include a decent choice of skins, Google Drive integration, a user-friendly interface, plenty of game choice, and an easy way to add ROMs. Plus, being web-based, there is no way for the app certificate to be revoked, a big concern with some third-party apps.


Delta emulator is one of Riley Testut’s emulator apps, supporting iOS 10 and above. It supports Nintendo gaming, including Gameboy, NES, SNES, Sega, and more. Features include customized skins, support for split-screen on the iPad. External controller support, input mapping, and external keyboard support, multiple save states. Cheat code support, cloud syncing, a built-in browser, and much more. It is one of the more popular Nintendo emulators and offers a huge choice of gaming and an easy way of adding external ROMs.


Unc0ver is a jailbreak app, and this is a unique way of jailbreaking your device. By using a third-party app store to install it, you are getting an easier and much safer way of jailbreaking your iPhone. It is also one of the most stable jailbreaks, not to mention reliable. Other features include much faster patches, no random freezes or battery drain, an option built-in to help you block certificate revokes. Auto-update disable the feature, and much more. Testing shows it to be completely free of malware, and it supports all the latest Apple devices.


Our final top app from AltStore is a file manager app that gives you far more access to your iPhone file system than Apple will ever allow you. You can use the app to view all file types on your device, including media files, text, HTML, and more. As well as seeing your files, you can rename, delete, move or copy them, easily pack and unpack compressed files, slide files into your iPod library, and install .deb files. A built-in web server allows you to upload and download files using a browser or network drive, you can easily manage your FTP and Dropbox files, and send files to another device with the app using Bluetooth. There are many more features to this cool app, and it’s the only way you will get that much access to your own filesystem.

AltStore may not have many apps in it just yet, but, as you can see, what it does offer is quality over quantity. It also offers you an easy way to install IPA files that you downloaded from the internet, vastly increasing your choices. However, there is a limit to no more than three apps installed using AltStore at any one time.

Ry it; install AltStore onto your iPhone today and try out these apps. See what else the store has to offer and even have a go at sideloading your own external files. You won’t be disappointed. Of that, we can promise you; AltStore is one of the best alternative app stores to be launched in recent times.