Top 5 Weird Apps You Should Check Out Right Now

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Have you ever been disappointed trying to search for a funny clip on Facebook but it appears nobody is really interested in posting weird stuff?

You are obviously not the only one, you are in good company.  We believe there is a solution to everything under the sun, including lacking something funny or weird to catch on social media.

Some apps out there were designed to cover up where social media fails. They are strange apps you won’t ever guess anyone would even design them. If you have nothing else better to do then you would gladly download these apps.

Keep reading for the top 5 weird apps you should check out right now.

1. Plantsnapp

You may have wanted to buy a plant that you don’t recognize. Unbelievable as it might seem, Plantsnapp will do the recognition for you.

You only need to take a picture of your plant and there rest the app will do for you. There are actually a number of apps that identify unknown plants.

2. Nothing


If you are interested in the weird apps for android, what then is more than nothing- as an app. Companies invest fortunes to ensure their apps are in perfect shape and without bugs. However, imagine designing an app to do nothing?

You launch the app and a black screen shows up and then boom! Nothing happens. As if that is not weird enough, there is still a pro version of the nothing. This leaves you just speechless.

3. Runpee

There are many crazy apps out there, but what about that one which tells you when to pee? This is one of the weirdest apps for iPhone. For more details on the best apps you are missing out on your iPhone, please visit HubSpot Salesforce comparison.

Basically, Runpee is a movie app that tells you when to pee without missing the best scenes. It has over 1300 featured movies and still counting. This is amazing, you don’t get this kind of information anywhere else in the world.

4. Paper racing-best depicts what weird apps is all about


This is one strange app that will cost your dignity. You are required to race your friends to see who runs out of toilet paper first in their bathroom. Really weird; but what else makes bathroom activities fun?

5. S.M.T.H

Send Me to Heaven is an app that shows your guts. You are required to throw your phone upwards as the name suggests while the app calculates the distance thrown.

You might want to compete with your friends on this one but you know the stakes involved-it is easy to miss the phone on its way back. You could win the throw but lose your phone in the process.

In a Nutshell What Do We Say About These Strange Apps?

That was really a weird piece of writing so much as it talked about weird apps. My bet is that you would want to download each one of them to get your own experience. Sometimes words are not enough, you need to experience it.

More exciting apps you probably never knew are always coming up, don’t be left out. Get to learn more by visiting our blog page. It will be an even more exciting experience.