Top 50 Smartest Dog Breeds

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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. By man we refer to mankind, both male and female. Dog lovers will surely verify the saying, but each one has their favorite type or breed. There are a lot of breeds with new ones every so often due to cross-breeding. For example, before, the poodle was a distinct breed, but now you have labradoodles, goldendoodles, whoodles, and cockapoos – all poodle hybrid dogs. Similarly, other breeds have their hybrid descendants.
But what makes some dogs smarter than others? There is no particular IQ rating, but experts have ranked dog breeds based on instincts, ability to adapt, and obedience. This is not fool-proof as the upbringing and care of the dog depends on the type of owner it has and will affect its learning skill. With all things being equal, here is a list of dog breeds ranked by experts as the smartest of the species.
Do continue reading to find out the 50 smartest dog breeds from highest to lowest: