Top 6 Awesome Games That Are Worth Playing In Your Next House Party

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Looking for fun party games that are easy to do, and simple enough to explain? Look no further, for here they are! These DIY party games are so easy to prepare for, and mostly require props that any household would already have that you can suddenly suggest this in a party for extra loads of laughter and even more memories for you and your friends. 

These games would work with people of any age and humor! Check them out, and tell us which ones you like best! 




All you need: 5 cherries per player, a plate, and some whipped cream to add to the fun! 

Every player must have 5 cherries on a plate in front of them, and the object of the game is to eat all the cherries the fastest, only using their mouths. All players hands must be behind their backs throughout the whole game. Add a huge amount of whipped cream on top of the cherries to add even more fun! 




All you need: Empty rectangular tissue boxes, 10 pingpong balls, string or ribbon for every player

Every player must tie the tissue box that holds the 10 pingpong balls to their waist, and let it rest on their buttocks. The object of the game is get all the balls out of of the box without using your hands or anything else first. The first player that gets all 10 balls out of the box, wins. 

Start playing some dance music and enjoy watching all the players shake their booties until their boxes are empty of balls! 




All you need: Balloons, a razor and shaving cream for every couple joining the game

Teams are made up of partners, wherein the braver one holds a balloon in their mouth, and their partner covers it in shaving cream. Once the game starts, the partner has to “shave” the whole balloon using a razor, without popping it. The first team who completes the challenge with their balloon intact wins!




All you need: A paper bag 

The goal of the game is to take turns picking up the paper bag on the floor using your mouth, without using your arms, and balancing only on one leg! If you fall off balance, or your other foot hits the floor while you “bite the bag,” you are out of the game. Every round that the players complete becomes more difficult by folding the paper bag, which makes it closer to the floor than the previous round. Other people have also used cereal boxes, if you have no paper bags in sight. 

Check out the video of the game at the end of this article to see how much you and your friends can have in your next party!




All you need: A prize in the middle of the players

The main objective of this game is to be the first to pick up the prize. It’s that simple. An example of a prize can be a $20bill, or something a person thinks is worth fighting for. All players must link arms and elbows to form a circle and everyone has to face outside of the circle, while the “prize” is inside, located the middle of the circle. The first person that picks up the prize, without anybody letting go of the linked arms throughout the game wins. 




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