Top Best Netflix Series You Should Watch in 2020

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Clueless about what to binge on Netflix tonight? Well, look no further than this article because we might have something that can help! Let’s dig deeper!

Netflix is for everyone. There are thousands of movies and series of many different genres. However, there is also lots of rubbish that lies in every category.

Therefore, we have come up with this list in the hope that it could save you from hours of looking for a good series or movie to binge on. Let’s try our recommendation and see how it goes!  The suggested movies below used to be in the top trend on the website. So, I am sure they will not let you down. Please verify!

Locke & Key

Well, let’s start with an interesting name first!

Locke & Key contains a mysterious secret that piques our curiosity right from the first episode. Basically, this is a story about the Keyhouse, which has lots of keys to lead to another dimension. Sounds interesting, right?

Locke & Key has a very mysterious theme

Let’s go on! Many years ago, there were lots of demons out there who always desired to invade our real world. But of course, they fail thanks to the effort of Benjamin Locke – who uses the Omega key to stop them from fulfilling their wicked intention.

Years later, the unique power of the Keyhouse is still growing every day, along with its special curse. If you are an occupant in the Keyhouse, you will soon forget about all of the keys when you grow older than 18.

The story keeps going on and on amongst characters who are trying to stop the demons from entering our world and from those who are so curious about the keys and want to use it for bad purposes.

The thing that makes this series so interesting is the way Netflix tells the story. Everything is not chronological. It keeps going back and forth so that you would not know what to expect. To sum up, if you are looking for some new genres with breathtaking stories, well, you know what to look for!


The next name that we are going to recommend is Ragnarok. This, undoubtedly, is on Netflix’s top series for such a long time. The story starts with Magne, his mother and his brother, who try to move to another town.

The second season of Ragnarok will be released soon

Well, if you are wondering where their father is, he passed away years ago in Edda. Right now, the two brothers are at the age of high school. There are a lot of weird events happening along the way, which you will probably enjoy.

Ragnarok is loved by many fans across the world thanks to its amusing plot. Besides, Ragnarok has an outstanding cast of actors and actresses who are very talented. Watching Ragnarok will be an enjoyable experience for any film buff who is looking for something new.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a comedy TV series that has attracted a vast number of audiences from all over the world. It has become a massive success for Netflix as it helps tackle inherent and sensitive issues such as gender inequality, sex diseases, sex issues, and so many more without offending anyone

The story takes place in a high school scenario. Starting with Otis, whose mother is a sex and relationship expert. He has a close friend named Eric, who is gay. Besides, there is also Maeve, who seems to be a rebellious student, yet very smart and emotional.

The 3rd seasons of Sex Education is coming around the corner

The story does not involve lots of drama or violence or graphic sex scenes. Instead, it focuses on helping viewers understand that sex issues are typical, and everybody can encounter them at some points in their life, especially when starting adulthood.

The appealing thing about Sex Education is that it gives us a different view of sex and making things less intimidating. It’s just problems that we need to learn how to solve. Besides, there are lots of relationship lessons that we can learn along the way.

If you are a teenager or a teenager who is about to be an adult, well, Sex Education is an excellent choice for you. There are so many sensitive issues out there that we all need to learn how to deal with it, yet it’s very hard to touch the subject. Sex Education somehow gives a perspective on how things should be done in a very gentle way.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Part 3

The third part of Sabrina starts with her reeling from a series of events from the previous part. We all know that although she has successfully defeated her father, unfortunately, he is trapped inside the body of her boyfriend. And of course, Sabrina would not forgive herself for making her boyfriend living in such misery.

Sabrina is a great series about adventure

With help from a few friends, she tries to set her boyfriend free and bring him back to a normal state. And just as we expect, she has to face countless setbacks from the force of evil in completing her mission.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is one of the most popular series on Netflix as the plot twist is written so smartly that there is hardly any plot hole in the story. If you are a fan of supernatural series and you love eerie things like witches evil and demons, well, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, especially its upcoming season is definitely a must-watch.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Above are some of the most popular films on Netflix that you should not miss out on in 2020. Netflix is one of the biggest streaming service providers in the world.

However, as it has thousands of movies and series releasing every day, it may be hard for you to decide what to watch. We hope some of the above suggestions give you some ideas about what to watch this weekend. Enjoy!