Top Reasons To Buy Custom-Made Jewellery In Melbourne

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Custom Design Jewellers

Melbourne takes its fashion very seriously, with jewellery being the one accessory that has always helped locals make a unique style statement for the world to admire.

But, from the bling decade of the ‘80s to the pear cut diamonds currently in trend, the city has seen jewellery evolving as a prized possession that celebrates its high lifestyle. And with a myriad of options to make a selection from in Melbourne, finding what you desire within your budget and size can be overwhelming.

If you wish to own bespoke pieces of high quality, it is best to look for custom made jewellery Melbourne. Leading retailers source the best diamonds and feature rare items that are never mass-produced. Here are the top reasons to buy bespoke jewels in the capital city that can make you stand apart.

The Uniqueness Aspect

As per the latest trends in engagement rings raging in Melbourne, the halo design has been the locals’ top choice here since 2019.

While you can have jewels in line with the current style, when you incorporate your style element into the piece, it becomes unique.

Top retailers specially design each item according to your taste, making it one-of-its-kind while reflecting your personality.

Tailor-made Designs

Like in the rest of Victoria, Amethyst and Citrine are some of the popular gems in Melbourne.

When you need to wear your birthstone, but you want a particular design for the piece which will hold the gemstone, try out custom-made ornaments. The experts offer services tailored for each client; they can help you choose a perfect gem and turn your design ideas into a digital artistic impression to create your dream piece.


Melbourne lies in one of the world’s richest gold provinces; the top professionals here have access to the best quality gold in the city.

As the experts create jewels according to your specifications, they maintain its high quality at every stage. While they use authentic precious stones, the material they use to design each item is also of top quality, meeting the Aussie market standards.

Custom-made Jewellery is Heirloom Worthy

You may wish to have well-crafted and personally designed ornaments with the potential to become an adored heirloom that can pass from one family member to another.

In such scenarios, engaging an artistic designer is the best way to create high-quality, custom-made pieces. While the items last for a long time, they can pass on as family heritage from generation to generation.

Top Melbourne retailers provide remake services; you can take the antique pieces you wish to incorporate as a family heirloom, they will modify it as per your choice.

A Wide Variety of Collections

Melburnians have a fascination for stones. Sapphires and chocolate diamonds are the latest stone collections they love to use in their collection.

While you can choose from a large selection of precious stones, leading experts in custom-made jewellery in Melbourne can create unique designs for you. You can also request different combinations of these stones, gold or platinum, for the base design, enabling you to own a completely original piece.

Best Wedding Gifts

This year, East Elevation and Chapel 1885 have made it to Melbourne’s top wedding venues, where you can enjoy a private ceremony with your loved ones.

The entire affair can be made more intimate with a custom-made wedding ring. When you give it a personal touch, your loved one is sure to get impressed with your thoughtfulness.

Reputable custom-made jewel designers offer engagement ring consultation services. You can have your item designed from scratch and bespoke with engravings, thus making the gift unique, which you would wish to surprise your better half with on your D Day.


With the average income of an Aussie living in the Greater Melbourne area being about $60k, experts suggest $7k to $8k as the ideal budget to spend on an engagement ring.

But when you order a custom design, according to your needs and style, the designers create a piece at a relatively lower price than ready-made products. It allows you to control the budget while not compromising the style quotient.

Excellent Customer Service

Top retailers in Melbourne include pearl threading and insurance in their customer service.

As each design is custom-made for every customer, the retailers offer outstanding customer service. You will receive unparalleled service from discussing the initial proposal, choosing the stones and other essential material, to making final payments.

Final Thoughts

Collins Street and Block Arcade count among the top destinations for expensive accessory shopping in Melbourne.

But to truly experience the satisfaction of wearing a piece of custom-made ornament, consult a reputable retailer. Rest assured, you will have excellent value for your money while turning into a trendsetter in Melbourne with your bespoke jewellery.