50 Top Stock Picks In Q2 That Billionaires Love

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The Intercept

Most billionaires make their money from a huge eureka moment, growing these ideas into the major conglomerates and getting others billionaires to invest in their ideas too. And in order for them to ensure that they remain rich is by investing their money in companies they’ve studied as well, investing their riches in what most would call the “smart money.”
While there is no guarantee that you will become as wealthy as one of them, knowing where these businessmen invest their earnings can help lead you in the right direction when looking into stock picks. More often than not, these billionaires invest in either big-time asset-management firms, hedge funds, or both, basically choosing companies of varied amounts when it comes to their market values.
Of course, it helps that these billionaires have connections on the inside that provide them with exceptional insight, plus they’re privy to research that others don’t have when it comes to what stock picks they should invest in.
The following is a list of 50 top stock picks that a number of billionaires – in either person, hedge fund or advisory categories – have shares in, whether in blue chips, income stocks, defensive stocks, growth stocks, speculative stocks or value stocks, and each company is worth more than the next.