Top Truck Deals That Are Available Right Now

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There are loads of hot deals available on a number of popular pickup truck models right now, and we’ve come up with a list on some pretty awesome deals.

Pickup trucks are considered one of the most popular vehicles throughout the United States. Although they are sturdy, brawny and tough, they are also incredibly comfortable and luxurious on the inside too. For those considering buying a pickup truck, there are quite a number of deals currently available on the market for the more popular pickup truck models.

Regardless of your specifications, whether compact, mid-size, or full-sized truck, car dealers are ready with incentives that make it the right time for those looking to buy a new truck.


2020 Ford F150

Ford’s F150 has been a fan favorite and most popular truck throughout America for years, and for good reason. With a starting price of $28,940, it is also one of the most affordable ones on the market too, considering its size and incredible features.

Ford enthusiasts will tell you just how much they love the F150. In fact, the F150 has an immense and loyal following precisely because of its classic design, high quality build, and incredibly strong overall performance. At the moment, Ford is also offering a special financing incentive on all new F150 purchases at 0% interest for 72 months. Buyers can also get as much as $4,750 cash back if they opt to purchase a 2019 model rather than the newer 2020 model.


2020 Chevrolet Silverado

Much like the Ford F150, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also has its own number of devoted followers. They believe that the 2020 Silverado is the best model Chevrolet has even released, especially because it has had an impressive and substantial overhall within the interior cabin. The 2020 Silverado has a base price of just $28,900, providing an amazing offer for those looking for a beautiful and dominant truck that still sits at a reasonable price.

Chevrolet is also currently offering $5,000 cash back to buyers willing to purchase the Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. But if you’d prefer, you can also lease the same truck model for just $309 per month with a down payment of $1,500 at signing. For those that want to save even more money on their purchase, they can opt to buy the 2019 Silverado model and receive $7,500 cash back plus 0% APR financing.


2020 GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is yet another gorgeous truck that other pickups find difficult to match in both style and power. The Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Denial trim is also on the market, giving buyers the option to get $6,000 cash back. And with the base price starting at $28,286, the discount can help bring the price down to around $23,000 for the new GMC Sierra.

If you happen to be looking into leasing the vehicle instead, GMC has another equally attractive offer for buyers. They can lease a Sierra 1500 Double Cab 4WD SLE for just $299 monthly. This particular model is fitted with a standard 8-inch touchscreen, leather seats, Bose sound system and tons of amazing safety features.

For those looking for a more compact pickup truck, GMC has a special offer on its Canyon Truck. Buyers can receive $2,750 cash back, as well as 0% financing for 84 months.


So Why Are Truck Prices So Low?

The economy has slowed down recently, which means that car dealerships are left with an overflow of unsold vehicles on their lots. They also need to sell these pickup truck models before all the 2021 models are released at the end of the year. This places extra pressure on dealers, forcing them to come up with special offers, financing options, and special incentives to seduce new buyers to drive into their lots, check the showrooms, view the available vehicles, then drive out with a brand new truck.

All major car manufacturers including Ford, Chevrolet and GMC, as well as a number of Americans, have been facing intense financial difficulties lately, which is why these manufacturers have chosen to lower prices to make them more affordable. For buyers that are on a budget, this gives them a variety of options to choose from before making an informed decision.

We suggest that potential buyers visit a variety of dealerships in order to find a truck that will best suit your specific needs and wants, whether it’s a Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra, or possibly something else completely. Once you’ve figured out what you want, decide if you will buy outright or opt to lease the vehicle instead. No matter what you decide, you are sure to find a great bargain on a variety of deals on the market.