Totally Out-There Ways To Earn Some Extra Cash

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So, you’ve found yourself strapped for cash and unsure of how you’re going to earn the money you need. Or, maybe, you just want a little extra money without having to take on a new job.

Whatever the case may be, you should know that there are some out-there but also totally legitimate ways to earn money. Consider whether or not one of them just might work for you.

Hawk Your Hair

Do you have long, lovely locks that people always compliment you on? If so, you may just be able to sell it for a surprising sum of money.

In order to make wigs, extensions, and more, many companies actually buy quality hair. You’ll have the greatest chance of selling your hair and selling it at a great profit if you’ve never dyed it and if it’s very healthy and/or long.

Just be sure to research the company or buyer with care to ensure you get the full amount to which you’re entitled.

Borrow Against Your Car

If you own a car outright and have the title in your name to prove it, you may be able to borrow against the equity stored within your vehicle. Auto title loans are a completely acceptable way to get cash quickly whenever you need it. In fact, with most lenders, you don’t need great credit or even any credit to qualify.

Even better yet, you get to keep and continue driving your vehicle while you pay off the loan. And, once it’s paid in full, the title reverts right back to you. Talk about easy money!

Write a Blog

Another weird but surprisingly effective way to earn money is to create and monetize a great blog. While most people think of blogs as simple online diaries that they only share with a few select followers, they can actually be big moneymakers.

The key is to write about something people care about, to draw in traffic, and, eventually, to get your blog monetized through sponsors and ads. You need to be a good writer in order to make this happen, as well as a good marketer, but as many success stories have proven, it’s totally possible.

Sell Your Selfies

Are you a pro at snapping selfies? If so, you may be able to put your camera skills to good use. Believe it or not, there are fully legitimate companies and apps that pay top dollar for quality selfies.

Each organization will have its own reasons for buying the selfies, as well as its own rules for their quality and content. Some companies, for example, use selfies in stock photos and advertising. Others use these photos to sell clothing and cut you a percentage when your selfie leads to a sale.

Research the market and your options to see what will work best for you.

Become an Influencer

These days, it seems like becoming “popular” on social media is something that everyone strives for. But, a sizable following could do more than just boost your self-esteem. It could also enrich your income!

When people have a large following, they’ll often be reached out to by advertisers or even the social media site itself, which can allow them to earn money for the posts they make, and/or the products or services they ultimately sell through those posts. In some cases, you can get money simply when people click on a link that you’ve posted!

Get familiar with different sites and their rules before you try going down this path, however.

Sign Up for a Study

If you’re a brave soul, you might just be able to make money by subjecting yourself to different types of testing. In some instances, this can be completely harmless, or even enjoyable, such as giving your thoughts on new food.

In other cases, you might be asked to try an experimental new drug or other product.

You can find studies of all types by regularly combing through the classifieds, inquiring with colleges and universities in your area, and signing up for websites that connect willing participants with research groups.

Just make sure you know your limits and do your research to stay as safe as possible.

Amazingly, these are just a few of a great many money-earning possibilities that exist in modern times. Take advantage of this brave new world, while also protecting yourself, and you may just be able to earn money in ways you never imagined possible.