Tourist Finds Super Sneaky ATM Credit Card Skimmer While Vacationing

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We have all heard about the threat of credit card skimmers being placed at ATM’s. These devices are attached to the card slots of ATM’s and are designed to steal all the information from a debit or credit card. Information such as the full card number, PIN number and the name/address of the cardholder.

When a thief retrieves the skimmer from the ATM they are now fully prepared to make exact copies of the debit/credit cards in which they have information for. This will allow the thief to make purchases and withdraw money as though they were ‘you’ using ‘your’ debit/credit card.

As stated above, we have all heard about these skimmer, but we don’t often see video of one being found…until now.

Ben Tedesco was an American tourist in Vienna who stopped to get cash from an ATM in downtown Vienna, just outside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the metro station. He also happens to work with a cyber security company. He noticed some glue around the slot where the card went in, so he tried wiggling it. Lo and behold, a card skimmer popped right off. It looked just like the card portal underneath, so it would have been hard to detect if he hadn’t been looking for it.

Check out how brilliantly made the skimmer was and also be aware at just how easy it is becoming for thieves to steal your personal banking information.


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