12-Year-Old Boy With Autism Takes Amazing Photos Of Toy Cars Making Them Look Life Sized

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Anthony Schmidt is a 12-year-old boy on the autism spectrum with a passion for collecting and photographing model cars so they look life sized.

From an early age, his passion for cars was evident. He began collecting miniatures, seeking ever more realistic models that accurately capture the beautiful details of their real-life counterparts. Soon, he began to take pictures of them with his mother’s iPhone, casting them in increasingly elaborate scenes. These photos quickly became popular on social media, gaining thousands of followers who’ve been inspired by his ability to find a unique outlet for creative expression despite facing significant challenges.

Anthony’s works have become so popular, that he decided he would like to create a coffee table book to share his photos. His mother started a Kickstarter campaign and it took off, exceeding the $20k goal by a whopping $16k!

You can also follow Anthony on Facebook via his group, which of course has a whopping 99k followers!

Check out some of Anthony’s work below — it’s pretty cool!