Toyota Asks A DJ To Create A Song Using Only Car Factory Sounds, And He Delivers Big Time

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Now this is awesome!

Toyota has recently created a new word and a marketing campaign to go with it. Toyota has named the effort Gifony, which really is a social/digital effort that allows users to mix and match GIFs at their manufacturing centers in the U.S..

The GIFs were created to accentuate the sounds of the production process, such as the drum-like sounds of steel being hammered into parts, the bass-like sounds of doors being drilled into their place and even the voices of workers. The campaign was created with a global digital agency 360i and features 45 GIFs that can be part of the Gifony’s mix.

Toyota brought on Launchpad DJ SoNevable to create original Gifony music, so others could understand what the site is capable of doing. On April 2, the video was launched on SoNevable’s channel at the same time as other marketing components were released on other media.

Check out SoNevable‘s video below

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Source : Youtube