Toys From the Past You’d Never Give Your Kids Today

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Awesome Jelly

Toys have gone through numerous changes and even more controversy through the years. Toys like pregnant Barbie, the Freddy Kreuger doll, and the vibrating Harry Potter broomstick, to name a few, only prove that a number of toymakers have made waves throughout the years with some very inappropriate playthings. While parents have made a point in crying bloody murder for dolls, games and other knickknacks that they deem unsuitable for their kids, society wasn’t always so concerned about what was being marketed to their young children in the earlier generations. In fact, back in the day, toys were so incredibly offensive that they’d have your jaw drop to the floor for just how objectionable they were.
Take a trip down memory lane with us as we check out 45 of the most extremely offensive vintage toys you’ve never seen before.