How To Transform Your Standard Hotel Room Into A Pop Up Entertainment Palace

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Being stuck inside a hotel room can be incredibly dull, particularly if you’re limited to TV stations where the language really doesn’t suit you.

Whether away with work, avoiding a storm outside or simply after some downtime, we’ve all found ourselves twiddling our thumbs with nothing to do in our room.

However, with just a few tweaks you can transform your 3-star hotel into a 5-star entertainment center.

No matter where you are in the world, a couple of extra additions into your luggage can really be of use.

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is ensure you’ve got something to do or watch. There are a number of issues with watching content abroad, most notably geoblocking.

For example, if your hiding from the rainy season in a Thai hotel room, you won’t be able to access the likes of US Netflix or a TV channel’s on demand service.

One method of getting around this is torrenting and using a VPN. It’s a tactic many use to get around geoblocking and watch their favorite shows while away. Using a torrent through a VPN will allow you to privately access the internet, getting around geoblocks and any other censors particular countries have.

From their you’re all set. You’ll be able to connect your laptop to the television via a HDMI cable, but if you really want to transform your hotel room, then a travel projector is most certainly for you.

An incredibly worthwhile investment if you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, you can pick one up for around $200 but the results are incredible.

If you need to take pictures off the wall to create space for a larger screen, then so be it but in a standard room, it’s never too hard to find a blank white, or off-white, space on a wall.

Then it’s all about comfort. If your bed is already comfy, alterations may not be needed. A good way to add comfort is by taking your usual comfy clothes, a pair of slippers for example. However, do what you can to find the permanent position. That may require moving the bed, or perhaps even shuffling an armchair or sofa into the perfect position for your screen.

With everything in place, it’s simply time to draw the curtains, dim the lights and enjoy the cinema set-up in your humble, middle-of-the-range hotel room.