Translucent Glass VS Transparent Glass: Which One Is A Better Choice?

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There are a lot of reasons why you would want to install glass at your house or your office. Glass has a lot of uses. It can provide you some privacy at the office or add a stylish wall to your home. However, one thing that may fret you is finding the right type of glass.

Transparent glass and translucent glass are two major types of glasses available in the market. Both have their pros and cons. However, homeowners and interior designers now prefer translucent glass for multiple reasons.

Let us walk through both translucent and transparent glass to decide why one is better than the other.

How is translucent glass different from transparent glass?


Before we look at the differences between a translucent and transparent glass, we need to understand what they both are.

Transparent glass is a clear glass, usually tempered, which allows minimalist look while anyone can see through it. On the other hand, translucent glass or frosting glass is a clear sheet of glass that is turned opaque with the help of a process called sandblasting. In this process, sand is blasted on the surface of the glass to create an obscure view.

Following are some of the differences between both the glasses:


Transparent glass:

  • Transparent glass is clear in appearance and anyone can see through it
  • It allows the light to pass through without the light being scattered
  • It follows the law of refraction
  • It allows images to form clearly

Translucent glass:

  • It is not clear in appearance but rather stained or frosted
  • Seeing through translucent glass is hard
  • It only allows half of the light to pass through
  • It does not follow the law of refraction
  • Images are not formed clearly. They are only partially formed

Why is translucent glass used where transparent glass fails to serve the purpose?

There are a number of reasons why translucent glass is used instead of transparent glass, such as:

  • Increase Privacy


Translucent glass can be used where light is required along with a hidden vision. Such places include windows of bathrooms, restrooms, shower cubicles, and shower doors. It can be used anywhere where privacy is of utmost importance such as office doors, cabinets, exterior windows and glass partitions.

  • Brand identity

To promote their brand, a lot of organizations emboss the logo of their brand on frosted glass. Whereas, it is difficult to emboss a logo on clear glass.

  • Decorative purpose

Since frosted glass is capable of distributing light evenly, it is used to make light bulbs. It can be used to manufacture ornamental windows and glassware. Often people use it as a decorative piece to enrich the beauty of their house.

Top reasons that make translucent glass an ideal choice:

  1.   Easy to clean


A translucent glass is very easy to clean, so those people who like to keep their homes neat and tidy would be happy with it.

Unlike other materials, glass does not corrode or rust as time passes by. You can easily wipe it with a cloth.

Furthermore, since a frosted glass has a structured surface, it does not streak easily.

  1.   Allows more safe and harmless sunlight to pass through


Due to its structured surface, many people think that frosted glass does not allow the sunlight to come in easily. That is not true.

It is actually better than normal glass because it filters the harmful rays coming from the sunlight. Thus, it boosts your health and mood.

Frosted glass is especially useful for commercial places where the light can keep employees active and energetic.

  1.   Promotes privacy


Some of the most common places where frosted glass is used include bathrooms and front spaces. The reason is that it does a good job of providing privacy while allowing natural light to come in. Frosted glass visually blur objects and people behind it.

  1.   Adds beauty to your place


When installed properly, frosted glass can make even the boring rooms look elegant. It is built to last a long time since it comes in a number of different designs and shapes.

Merits and Demerits of Using Translucent Glass:



  • It is functional and creates contemporary design pattern
  • It comes in a lot of different designs
  • It requires less maintenance
  • It maintains privacy
  • It offers a beautiful ambiance


  • It makes space look smaller
  • It creates a dark atmosphere where it is installed

Advantages and Disadvantages of Transparent Glass:



  • It makes your space look bigger
  • It brightens your bathroom and other spaces where installed
  • It looks modern and trendy
  • It allows natural light to pass through


  • It doesn’t provide much privacy
  • It requires proper maintenance

Wrapping it Up

At the end of the day, it depends on where you want to install the glass. For instance, when it comes to installing glass in your master bedroom, transparent glass seems like a better option. But if you want to install glass at a place where a lot of people come and go, then installing a translucent glass is a perfect choice.