Travel Games for Relaxing This Christmas Holiday

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For many of us, Christmas holidays are a time to travel. Whether is it going to visit family or an adventure someplace new to start a different festive tradition. However, these journeys can be long and boring, especially for young kids. That is why it is important to have games packed for the children, and some for yourself.

Travel board games are the best and easiest way to stay relaxed and have a good time during your travels. All the classic board games such as chess, battleships, connect four and many more have a travel version. You can buy them online or in shops and they are a great way to stay relaxed and entertained during a long drive. You can also get creative and make up your own games, besides the classic ‘I Spy’.

Board games are great fun, are easy to set up and games can last for hours at a time. But we live in an age where smartphones have the same capabilities as a gaming console. You can have infinite games all on your mobile device, be it a tablet or a phone. Make sure to have a car charger available though. This has opened up a world of endless possibilities for travelling games. You can download any gaming app and it will entertain and keep you or your children relaxed for the duration of the journey. The kids can be playing on different devices in the back of the car, while you (so long as you aren’t the driver) can play free vegas slots without a distraction.

Smartphones are changing the way we keep ourselves, and our children, entertained during long trips. Board games are great and a traditional way to find relaxation and fun, and definitely something kids of all ages should experiences. But we now live in the age of the smartphone, what can possibly be the future of gaming, so why buy a travel board game when you can download a game for free and play without any distractions?

Board games do have one advantage: They are not single player. You will always need two or more players (except in the card game Solitaire), which allows for the whole group to play and stay entertained during your travels. Nobody is excluded and everyone gets to join in with the fun. Another advantage of board games is, you don’t need a charger to keep them operating, as they are not powered by batteries. This is great if you only have a car charger or need an excuse to get the kids away from a screen they have been staring at for too long.

So, it is clear to see that board games are great for getting everyone involved in a fun and relaxing time, but smartphones have given us the possibility of play an endless amount of games and placed them all at our fingertips. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so for a relaxing travel this Christmas, choose your companion!