Truth Or Dare Jenga Is The Perfect Game For Any Party!

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Here is how you can re-purpose those old Jenga pieces into a totally new and exciting game!

The sky is the limit in regards to options on how to play. You can create the game how you want and be as creative as you want. Create a family fun game or play a game of risky truth or dare with your adult friends. You can even make create an epic drinking game for your next wine or whiskey party!

Here is how it works :

  • Simply write suggestions on each Jenga piece relating to whatever style game you are trying to create.
  • Add dares and forfeits to make it a little more interesting.
  • You then, simply play the game Jenga. When you pull out a piece, you do whatever the Jenga piece tells you to do!

It is super fun and will provide a ton of laughter and good times between family and friends!

Check out the video made by Youtuber DaveHax to see the game in action! Below the video we have added some dare and forfeit suggestions as suggested by Dave Hax.


Dares and forfeit suggestions:
Kiss the person on your left
Eat a dry Weetabix
Swap Item of clothing
Play next go eyes closed
Play left handed
Play right handed
Lick someones cheek
Submit your phone for a joke text
Massage someones feet
Smell someones socks
Ice cube down your back
Down your drink
Spin on the spot 10 times
Eat 1 tsp of mustard
Eat a dry cracker
Hold an ice cube in your mouth
Play next round with feet
Tell everyone a secret
Confess your last lie
Do 10 press-ups
Dance until your next go
Ladies all drink
Men all drink
Do a handstand
Remove item of clothing
Chew a chilli
Eat a clove of garlic
Bite into an onion
Speak in a foreign accent
Belly dance


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