Tupac Talks Donald Trump And Greed In America During Once Banned 1992 MTV Interview

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In an interview that was once banned by MTV over 20-years ago, rapper Tupac Shakur talks passionately about his views on generosity, the rich and the responsibility he feels the wealthy have in America.

Tupac, a self proclaimed ‘thug rapper’, wasn’t just known for being a hard, rap icon. Tupac was also known as being wildly insightful, generous with his wealth and very intelligent.

The interview certainly gives an interesting take on the wealthy in America and how the 1% of the population who hold the majority of the nation’s money — should ‘do better’. The interview holds some weight, as Tupac was a rather wealthy man himself. In addition to being a tad flashy with his money, Tupac also donated a ton of his wealth, opening community centers for children, giving to the homeless and helping many who were down, get on their feet.

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF), continues to be funded by the late rapper’s estate.

It is rumored that MTV banned the interview from ever airing back in 1992 because Tupac calls out Donald Trump as ‘having too much money’ and also having a ‘give me, give me’ attitude. At the time, Donald Trump was a major player in the New York City financial world, which was also home to the MTV network.

In one excerpt from the interview, Shakur states that no one person should be winning a lottery prize of $37 million when there are people who don’t even have food to eat.