This ‘Turbo Chute’ Water Slide Will Have You Cruising On Land & Skimming Across The Lake!

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It’s called the ‘Turbo Chute’ water slide and it is a pretty sweet blow-up water slide.


The slide comes in three – 20 foot sections that are 46″ wide x 9″ high. PVC coated nylon inflatable wall barriers stop you from flying off of the edge. 


The slide is 66 feet long in total! You can either fly down the slide bare back or on a raft. The rafts are included in the ‘Lake Package’, four of the to be exact. 


Now, while this slide looks super fun, there is quite the cost associated with the good times that it provides! For the entire ‘Lake Package’, we found it here for $1,664.98….and that seems quite low as most other places retail this beauty at $1999.99! Yikes!


So if you are looking to spend a few bucks and bring a little water park action to your backyard or camp, this is the product for you! If you want to get a similar thrill without spending a small fortune….we would suggest a slip ‘n slide!

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