Turkey Post Tracking

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Modern consumers prefer foreign internet shopping since it allows them to order a variety of items that are either unavailable or unprofitable to purchase in their own country. Even while China still accounts for the majority of commerce, Turkey is now being used for an increasing number of orders. There are plenty of these, including trinkets, clothes, technology, cosmetics, cuisine, and more.


If you often make purchases in foreign online stores, then you probably know the Turkish post tracking system for registering and checking mail. Each parcel is assigned a unique track code, which allows you to track its entire path from the moment it arrives at the post office in Turkey or another country to its final destination. The only nuance is that the interface of foreign postal services is often incomprehensible and it is quite difficult to navigate the displayed information.

How To Track An International Package Sent From Turkey?

Postal items coming from Turkey are accompanied by track codes of this format: 4 letters + seven-digit number + 2 letters TP (which indicate that it specifically belongs to Turkish mail). Thus, if the seller sent you a tracking code for just such a plan, you should indicate in the search filter that this is a shipment from Turkish Post (PTT). There are also options for “budget” digital codes and tracks in UPU format.

Since not everyone can track an international parcel on the official website of the Turkish Post, it is much more convenient to do this on a different website that provides such services. Trackers independently analyze information about the package and changes in its location. Depending on the type of delivery, the package can only be tracked after it leaves the country or until it arrives at the final delivery point.

How To Track Postal Items From Turkey?

So, you have a tracking code for the parcel sent (by the seller or another person), and you want to make sure that it has started its journey to you. The principle of operation of trackers is extremely simple. You are required to:

  • Enter the departure number in the appropriate field (usually located at the top of the page);
  • Indicate the country to which the parcel should be sent;
  • Wait a few minutes while the system analyzes the information.

Unlike the official website of the Turkish Post, tracking mail on trackers such as PKGE.net is the most convenient and fastest option for registering the location of parcels.

Is Tracking A Tiny PTT Package More Straightforward Than A Large One?

The only important difference between tracking small and big PTT packets is visibility, which is the same for both.

PTT tiny packet sending options are most frequently utilized by both individual consumers and B2C e-commerce mail from sites like eBay and Etsy. This kind of mail typically contains light items that may be transported by air. These packages typically comprise apparel, home items, sporting goods, accessories, gadgets, electronics, cell phones, beauty products, and so on. However, they are the same in their tracking options.