Turn A Negative Into A Positive, 5 Ways To Make That Happen Right NOW!

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Throughout our everyday lives we encounter many situations where negativity could easily take a hold of us and push our day down a very unnecessary negative path.  These situations do not have to be big and dramatic, they can actually be small moments in time that if not handled correctly, could turn your day into a negative cluster and a waste of a valuable, awesome day where you are alive and healthy!

By having a positive mind set you will accomplish more, love better, smile more often, laugh and just feel good, both emotionally and physically.  It is all to easy to become negative and see situations through negative eyes, it is human nature to see the negative in situations well before the positive is seen.  So it surely takes work to stay on a positive path.

Example :  You are all dressed for work, you are rushing around getting yourself ready for the day, maybe you have kids you are rushing around to get ready as well.  You forgot to brush your teeth, so you rush over to the bathroom, squeeze the toothpaste tube and boom…toothpaste squirts all over your shirt.  Now you don’t have time to go change but you know it is clearly necessary, you still haven’t brushed your teeth and the clock is ticking, faster and faster. The easiest response to this situation is to get angry, maybe swear a little, talk to yourself out loud about how you don’t have time for this, yada yada….this is a negative approach and will set you and your entire day into a downward spiral.  You are now seeing everything through negative eyes. We have all heard negativity breeds negativity right? That could not be a truer statement.  You start thinking negatively about one thing and all of a sudden one negative thing after another seems to happen.  Think about it…you know it’s true!

So since negativity breeds negativity, that can only meet positivity breeds positivity and thinking positive about situations will yield positive results…right?  Of course that’s right!

So try these 10 tips to stay on the positive path and have a positive outlook on all situations, not matter now big the situation is or how small…it work’s…trust me.

1.  Laugh

If something upsets you, find the humor.  Like the toothpaste mess, laugh it off, smile to yourself, change your shirt and move on.  It’s the little things that can make or break you and your day, remember that.

2.  Smile

Even if you have to force yourself, get in front of a mirror and make your face smile…just do it. You will thank me later.

3.  Look around you

See that everything really isn’t all that bad.  There is life all around us, take it in.  Just take a few moments and watch your surroundings.  Think about what other people might have going on in their lives and then think about how something so small as spilling toothpaste on your shirt truly is a very small ordeal that can be easily dismissed.

4.  It’s just a moment in time

Remember that!  Whatever situation you are going through, no matter how big or small, it is just a moment in time. A moment that presented itself to you and will pass.  It is up to you how you decide to handle it. Whether in a positive manner, or negative. Something may seem horrible as it is happening, but it won’t seem as bad, minutes, hours and days later as it did as it was happening.

5.  Tell a joke, read a joke

In the 21st Century jokes are at our fingertips.  When something gets bad, or you are upset…find a joke.  Google one, look on Facebook or remember that old joke that your grandfather used to tell you when you were a kid.  Either way, find a joke, read it or ask a person at random if they would like to hear one (that’s my favorite).  No matter how corny or cheezy, it  will surely make you smile and subconsciously make things better.

Cheers to a positive day!

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Enjoy this joke…from me to you!

What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?

Wait for it….

Wait for it………

It gets toad away.

Author : CJ@AJ